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They are captivated by the Bible and its false prophecies. I will also pose before the reader a number of slogans that dominated the American presidential addresses from the days of Ronald Reagan to George H.

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Bush, on through the emergence of the despotic and bitter days of George W. Bush, who seemed the most obsessed with theological superstition rooted in the biblical doctrine of Armageddon, Gog and Magog. There are detailed maps that were maintained in the offices of this Evangelical fanatic, which are considered to support Christian fundamentalist extremism and are not related to Christian churches associated with the Vatican.

But, thanks be to God, he passed away not realizing his bloodthirsty dreams. Did he not learn when his insidious plans failed in the Iran hostage crisis? Did George W.

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Bush claim that the Lord sent him coded messages through spiritual revelations and dreams? Did they claim that Gog and Magog are near Babylon and that is what the Evangelical church promoted in their slogan of Zionism as a canticle of the Christ? George Bush pressured French President Jacques Chirac before Iraq and said that they need to wage a preemptive war to destroy Gog and Magog, who are preparing to destroy us and Israel.

Romer, when asked about the meaning of Gog and Magog, said that they are mentioned in the Bible and are found in Ezekiel , the Talmud, the Zohar and the Tarot. The concept seizes crowds who support these ideas and maintain the following:. According to one of their institutions in , 61 million Americans listen to programs that preach Armageddon.

Pastor Jack Van Impe claims to have weekly programming including: 90 TV channels with 28 million viewers, 80, pastors in the CBA network, run by the fanatical preacher Pat Robertson, 20, theological foundations, theological colleges, hundreds of TV stations preaching Armageddon, and Le Nouvel Observateur, which publishes every week, month and year. If we doubt that Europeans believe in Armageddon, would they turn to Libya?

Or are they still living the pipe dream of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who believe that Armageddon is near Babylon? Nelson Mandela. Platon et le miroir du mythe: De Next page.

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  • A recent review of my biography of President Bush reaffirms the arguments it seeks to dispute..

Saturday, August 8, Gog and Magog. Suspending My Disbelief! I don't involve myself in fringe politics or conspiracy theories. You won't find me discussing the pros and cons of troofers, birthers, deathers, Holocaust deniers, UFO abductees, Atlantean Conspiracy theorists, and the like. So I'm not altogether feeling good about introducing this evening's column by saying I don't effing believe half of what follows.

I've seen the words in Google headlines for the last week maybe, but never bit on reading anything beneath the headlines until I saw the always level-headed Juan Cole devoting a few column inches to it. Looking around further, I have finally decided I have to suspend my disbelief, and at least air this for the hysterical historical record. Gog et Magog concerns a brief event alleged to have occurred leading up to Bush and Cheney's illegal invasion of Iraq.

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It seems that with less than a month before his invasion, in February , George Bush phoned up French President Jacques Chirac in a last ditch effort to get the French to join the "Coalition of the Willing". In itself, that's not news to any one. What's new and news, to me any how, was Bush's argument. The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled….

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My Biblical literacy is less than most of my readers, or I would have recognized this reference from The Book of Revelations. Chirac, the story goes, did not give a thought about complying with Bush and joing in with the invasion. Instead he was stunned as to "how someone so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs" could be the head of a modern state. Apparently Chirac's Bibilical scholarship was challenged too, for he had his staff consult Thomas Romer, a theologian at the University of Lausanne, who analyzed Bush's weird appeal.

In addition to the New Testament passage, Dr. Romer explained that the Old Testament book of Ezekiel contains two chapters in which God rages against Gog and Magog, sinister and mysterious forces menacing Israel. I'm not sure what exactly that means. Certainly it can be said that, in attributing responsibility for all of the calamities which have afflicted upon my once great country in this young 21st Century, I have never given George Bush the benefit of doubt. But the thought that Bush was motivated to invade Iraq because he was stricken with a couple of Biblical passages, strains even my credulity.

I guess you could say that, like Andrew Sullivan, I am left agog. Posted by Vigilante at PM. MadMike August 9, at AM. MacDaddy August 9, at AM. Gwendolyn H. Barry August 9, at AM. Beach Bum August 9, at AM. Jack Jodell August 9, at PM. MadMike August 10, at AM. Will "take no prisoners" Hart August 10, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Mencken on Radicalism The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who loves his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched.

He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair. Not one benefit, political or military, has Britain acquired with this war. Our eventual evacuation of the country resembled the retreat of an army defeated. Got the Poster All we need is the leadership. Contra O'Reilly. Immigration Laws Robert Reich. Politics Plus. Mueller Will Testify!

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Robert Mueller has reluctantly agreed to comply with subpoenas and testify before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees Flaming Fundamentalists For Peace. The Sirens Chronicles. RealityZone; A New Era?

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The Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead. The New Hampshire Gazette. Connecticut Bob. Panther Red. John R. My particular favorites Global Day of Action on Military Spending. Defending the Iran nuclear deal. Preventing another US warfare. The International Peace Bureau calls for worldwide protests agains Make sure to tag your p Feed for Arabist.