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That one looks good so I'll click right over here and check my answer. How do we count the mice? Let's see, one, two, this isn't the third mouse! This is the second mouse! This is crazy, this isn't right. All right, this one over here. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, this is right. Up here they skipped the number two, this should be the second mouse, not the third mouse! All right. Let's keep going. Type the missing numbers.

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It says count the ladybugs. Type the missing numbers in the boxes. All right, this is ladybug number one. Two, then let me type three, then let me type four. Numbers are supposed to be very easy and people will assume that you know them. Sign up for a free crash course in how to learn Mandarin.

Here's a Quick “Counting in Japanese” Video I Made To Get You Started:

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Japanese does the same thing actually, grouping at four zeros that is. I dunno, might be related to the writing system.

How to count in Spanish

I have found many of the same issues myself, namely delayed response, delayed understanding and inability to translate fast enough. Somehow it is just different than basic vocab.

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In addition, on topic I remember another friend who does live translation and they too said, numbers are the worst, hardest of all to get right and get right fast. They said the best tactic they found is to write the number as they hear it which then gives them a visual to work off of as the translate it into the target language. Bottom line, for all the conversational Chinese we study, little if any class touches on math. I even thought about going to a basic math class being taught in Chinese by a native for kids as a nice way to start re-wiring the number system in the foreign language.

Thus brings the question, why?

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Do you think it is because you started studying English at a younger age? Is that you have studying English longer? Or is it at all related to how you mentioned Chinese numbers are grouped different than the typical ten thousand, hundred thousand, million, billion, etc.? I have also studied English for about twenty years and still use the language more than I use Chinese. I think that learning numbers and maths in any European language for a speaker of any other European language with some exceptions is easy simply because our languages have similar structure in this regard. Our maths tradition is similar.

Even if you have sometimes to learn that in some languages like Norwegian, probably Swedish, too; when I am in Sweden I communicate in Norwegian you say e. But this was still counting in a series, with the consequences I have understood only now, while you have mentioned them. You need to have all such answers prepared and learned by heart in advance. What helped me? French say their telephone numbers joining digits into pairs, in Polish we join the first three or the last three digits, depending on which is more convenient to the person speaking, into a three digit series, using hundreds — and the rest is as in French — in pairs [at that time Polish phone numbers had seven digits].

This way you practice the random numbers from 00 to 99, or even from to Alternatively at another encounter with a random number0 you treat the number not as a telephone number but as a real life number, you have to say it in full, with lakhs and crores — or with wans and yis.

All in Chinese, of course. The first thing is you have to change YOUR way of thinking about numbers — in English as well; substitute the stereotypical, automated English words with a good sounding equivalent which will be a Chinese analog.

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And likewise with the suggestion of practicing with all numbers encountered, such as phone numbers…. It seems so obvious after reading your article, but creating a fact-based mnemonic for each large number is something I never did. Aside from how people separate a large number digits differently between English and Chinese, from an English-learning perspective there are 2 distinctively different way to say a large number even in English itself. I approached this by making an Anki deck specifically targeting fluency with Mandarin numbers.

It had four fields: Mandarin numerals e. Then it tested different things, e. You can easily generate large sets of numbers using most spreadsheet software, e. As a Chinese , I think English is very difficult. I need to remember a lot of words. You not only need to know the number of meters they tell you but understand how long it will take too. Sure there are birthdays and age to consider but what if you just want to tell someone that you visited Spain as a child.

Try to learn them both in a sequence and out of order. Some easy ways to test yourself on numbers include throwing dice and reading both the individual figures and the combined sum.

When will you need to count in Spanish?

Count backwards from 3 as you get ready to start new activities! You can also practice reading out number you encounter in your day-to-day, including telephone numbers, addresses, the license plate on the car in front of you and even the temperature outside. Remember there may be some differences between the way Spanish sounds in the Americas vs. Learn the version of Spanish you are most likely to use for future travel or business plans. So, now you have seen that learning how to count in Spanish is easy!

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