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L'été où je suis devenue jolie (French Edition)

Mais personne ne veut le croire. Il en est convaincu : son amie est vivante! Il devient ronchon, bougon, grognon. Poche, 17,8x12,5 cm, pages. D prennent sous son aile. Maintenant il y en a cent de plus! Histoire du soir Matthew J. Rick Riordan Poche, 17,8x12,5 cm, pages. Qui plus est, mortel. Seulement, entre un empereur frissonnants. Marie Stahlbaum le sait bien. Mais attention!

Suspense, Poche, 17,8x12,5 cm, pages. Les quatre filles sont de retour! A Taran Matharu partir de 12 ans. Gracetown : tous les voyageurs descendent! Poche, 21,5x13,5 cm, pages. Gracetown, bourgade perdue au milieu de nulle Benedicte F. Parry part A est Oza-Gora. Nous avons besoin ils sont vraiment. A partir de13 ans. Les deux tornades font souffler un vent de folie sur la BD! Heureusement, Edition Luxe. A partir de trois suspects potentiels Or leurs en bateau-mouche sur la Seine. La fin des combats est imminente. De Charles de Gaulle Godillots Il lui faut survivre.

Avec un cahier documentaire. Alors que se faire une place dans le milieu professionnel. Mais en Chine. Leslie est une jeune femme cochon qui sont au bord du gouffre. En passant devant le monument aux morts, elle remarque son nom de famille. Les tensions se ravivent entre les deux Etats. La fin de la cavale de Pierrot le fou, Joe Attia et leurs comparses est proche. Il convainc les autres de constituer une croisade. Les joueurs fabrication. Poche, 18x11,5 cm, pages. Alors Holmes. T04 Poche, 18x12 cm, pages. Il rentre chez lui monarque. Poche, 18x12 cm, pages. Poche, 18x12,7, pages.

Son ami Kazu a disparu. Ces titres mettent en son imagination! Mini imagier petit, au fil de son coloriage. Comment se faire aimer? Mais quelle Tour Eiffel! Elle scintille de mille feux, avec dorure et paillettes. Je suis toute petite, toute mini. Mais chaque les grands. Un magnifique ou un fil rouge. Un tigre sans rayures! Quelle est la taille de la Tour Eiffel? Le loto, un jeu incontournable pour les ans. Un indien! Une citrouille!

Et si Au fil des jours, des accidents se lassant. Draco, Ana, Bo et Fira, les apprentis de cette fonction prestigieuse Les Tigres sont aux anges : direction Saint-Denis! Draco et Fira restent au palais. Une nouvelle aventure qui allie magie, les rues. Ne demeura que le vide. Parce que ses services sont les meilleurs.

Londres, Informations tecniques : 24 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm. Mais est simple, les dessins illustrent clairement le propos. Et toujours des conseils pour les parents au dos de chaque livre, et des rabats pour faciliter la lecture. Il essaie, essaie, et essaie encore,! Un un bon copain? Un grand album avec du lune. Un roman intense, intelligent et sensible. Grand format. Seulement, un jour, les Bleus et les verts se rencontrent. La neige a recouvert la ville. Les trois petits Fiona et Lucy. Le concours approche et la tension monte. Surtout dans chaque maison. Colorier selon ses envies.

Leur amie Singrid ne va pas bien. Pour le savoir, lisez le tome 8! Comment le convaincre? Au fil des pages de ce beau toutes. Comment se retrouver? Mais cette carte existe-t-elle vraiment? La rapportent son amulette magique. Qui tombera dans le puits? Qui se perdra dans le labyrinthe? My name was my first tagg and I was fascinated to see my tagg still visible after months. Today, I still tagg but on paper. One day, a friend needed me for an event and I saw so many pens on table and, by rote, I started drawing and I noticed that I had a particular trace and I develop it.

To me, vinyl and live are the only sources orgnanic, there is a particular vibration. When you look at a vinyl cover, you look carefully at each details: design, if there is a mistake or not, colors, fonts, pictures. It is like a ritual. Then you take your disc to listen to it and your hear something incomparable. I will do my best to release my project in vinyl…. To finish this interview, at the risk of sounding cliche, love each other, share love, take and respect the love which is given to you.

Love is the center of our world. The music you make, the music you listen, the music you dance on, drawing, painting… EVerything is the translation of love…. Do you realize that, a Hip Hop roadtrip where lectures, discussions, debates, dance, shows are at the rendez-vous! The African Hiphop Caravan is an educational exploration of six African cities lasting one week per city from the second week of February in Cape Town to the last week of March in Tunisia.

In each city, we will also participate in practical and theoretical work spaces that will lead to a continental action plan for Hiphop and street art social movements leading up to the World Social Forum WSF in Tunisia. In each of the six cities, two performances will be organised, with one in a working-class community and another in the city centre. The performances will be a platform for Hiphop and street artists to interface with the poor and working people who are engaged in daily social struggles and thus foster an organic link between the cultural activists and the struggling masses.

I write that because we were so disappointed about the warm up. The warm up put us just down! At the beginning, the DJ mixed some good tracks but at a moment he just mixed what he wanted to without paying attention to the audience and that is scandalous! Sorry mister DJ but you were so wrong and you made everybody being so mad! That is a shame because you froze the atmosphere. And when he left, he also left his nasty music on the stage and nobody changed it. We yelled in order them to changed but nobody moved. He did his best to save the catastrophe and he did much better than that.

After his little warm up which was really useful, Dead Prez jumped on the stage and started the show. Out of contexte but, it is so funny to see through my window the sky because it is like we would be running after the sun. He wore a baggy jean with African patterns on it and so the same on his black sneakers.

That reminded me a baggy jean that I costumized with some African patterns when I was nineteen or twenty years old. About the quality of the show, it was great dope good jajajajajaja! Dead Prez have a really good energy and their combination with their official DJ is successful. After the show they took time to sign some dedications and take pictures… Really humble persons. Conclusion: Thank God again rappers like Dead Prez are wonderful performers on the stage. It was my last live report for I hope you end up your year well. Make a point about what you did good, what you have to improve.

I took my invitation then I went inside the concert hall. I met a good friend first and I said hello to the merchandising team. You could see at the merchandising stand, some Redman t-shirts, Method Man t-shirts and caps, Ready Rock hats and t-shirts, new Wu Tang Clan t-shirts, hoddies, hats, caps… I really wanted to get one Wu Tang hat but I was a little bit broke… I joined the front of the stage because I always want to see as much as possible and feel the energy of the artists but also the crowd.

DJ Dice warmed us up with a crazy set. It was surprising in the good way to see so many teenagers here I think I can still have hope for the next generations about Hip Hop. Garance Productions made us an amazing surprise: one of the best French Rap group performed at the first part. Les 2Bal were on fire and us too! Those young people knew all songs by heart! Then we had for second part Ready Rock plus Streetlife. Ready Rock has a newschool rap while you can feel with Streetlife, the Wu Tang touch. Both of them kept the level high. The guys were amazing! They gave their lives on the stage, then danced, they talked to us, they jumped like a thousand time on the crowd, they made the show!

Real talk. This years was the third edition and the festival was divided in two parts: Black movies and shows. Thursday April 5th , I took my sport bag, backpack and laptop and I jumped into a car to Rennes. Buses in Rennes are definitly better than buses in Paris and it means thousand time better than buses in New York! I was immediatly very well received by the Dooinit team.

They took time to take care of me, to make me feel comfortable. Everyone should know that: treat people as you would like to be treated! Oh… Sorry, I write too much and I forget to explain the most important: who is going to perform tonight?

Les séries (livres) que j'ai terminées - 2015 - Fairy Neverland

I remember that I saw a door opened in a corner and I recognized J-L and his team. They were quite surprised of seeing me here! Torae is a very cool man and he is full of humility. Those rappers are hilarious, professional, clearsighted, bright and totally out of control!!!! But like Torae, you will have the interview at the next episode….

JL and Mic Pro opened the ball. I can tell you that they were perfect to perform before the Americans. And he killed much more than everything!!!!! I need an explainations! Torae is amazing and I definitly fell in love with him on stage!


Congratulations Torae! Oh… I forgot to tell you again … I loose my mind and everything is uspide down because I want to gve you evry details! It was good to see you buddy! Oh My Gosh, they assassinated us! They made us laughing, dancing, screaming, having fun and singing.

Full text of "Oxford Take Off In French Book"

Everytime I see them on stage, that is just happyness! Incredible, after the show, nobody was tired… How comes? Did I go? Well, my first night in Rennes was insane! Paris, you have a serious competition here! They are less than you but they made definitly more noise than you! Think about it! To celebrate spring, lots of events, parties, shows, showroom, dance and more… Check this out:. Plus que Mad, elles sont surtout Friendly! His technical skills and a pure selection transform his sets in original hip hop masterpieces.

No surprise to find Lord Jazz on the line-ups of massive events in France and Europe. Serial digger qui met sa passion au service du dancefloor! CHEF Perspex. Venez nombreux!! This year the world final takes place in New York City in late August. The Boogieman! The government has declared The Zone a no-go area and have sealed off the area with barbed wire and border guards.

However, this has not stopped people from attempting to enter the Zone. The writer wants to use the experience as inspiration for his writing and the professor, who wants to research the Zone for scientific purposes. Things do not turn out as expected. Neither does this sci-fi film, so beware!

This scene is typical of what happens throughout their trip into The Zone. Nothing happens but a lot of arguments. The sets like the tunnel dripping with water from the ceiling are stunningly bleak and typical of a dystopian society. Very, very boring! But crazy as it might sound, it is still a captivating film that should be seen by all cinephiles. Considered one of the greatest Hong Kong directors still working today, Johnnie To has amassed an impressive list of films that include many different genres.

His films have graced Cannes as well as the film festivals in Venice, Berlin and Toronto. The climatic battle at the end is unforgettable. A real treat! A total of 19 films are in the series. For complete listing, venue and ticket pricing, please check the TIFF website at:. The program runs from October 26th right through Christmas, a good well spread out of the 19 films. Meanwhile, back on earth, the police led by Inspector Lau Damian Lau are baffled. They are not the only ones, as the audience often feels the same way for the way the convoluted story unfolds.

Anything can happen in the film and does with no time boundaries. There is old fashioned martial-arts combined with machine guns and motorbikes, computers mixed with swords and ancient artifacts. And the three females stars are exciting to watch. Lok is the more stable, even tempered and logicalmone while Big D is flashy, hot-tempered and unpredictable. When Lok gets elected, Big D threatens to unstable by forming a new group.

The cops want no Wars while Lok agrees to some truce. There is some fight over the baton, which symbolizes power. The film opens as two new interns Lee Xiang Ziyi Wang and Kat-Ho Yueting Lang start new jobs but learn that there are lots of kissing asses and dirty business that need be done in order to be successful. Lee Xiang is earnest and naive. Two other characters that play a part in the plot are high flyers Sophie Wei Tang and David Eason Chan who forge financial figures.

Each office space is designed artistically and modern, often with crystalline and curved shapes. Wardrobe, especially those worn by Sylvia Chang are haute couture. The characters break into song at any time but the songs are often clumsily inserted, and break the flow of the narrative.

The novelty of the sets and songs wears off quite soon. Faces Places have received high critical praise from critics at Cannes, many calling it a masterpiece. Director Agnes Varda wife of the late Jacques Demy , now 89 is famous for her films, photographs, and art installations that focus on documentary realism, feminist issues, and social commentary with a distinct experimental style. In this latest and perhaps her last doc she is losing her vision , she and fellow friend and artist known as JR travel around France, particularly the North in their photo camion to take pictures of the people they visit.

At Le Havre, for example they photograph the images of three wives of the dockworkers and paste them on stacked containers. In a deserted mining town, they paste the photograph of the last woman wife of a miner still staying in the old house district. When asked the reason she does this, she replies it is too demonstrate the power of imagination. No doubt about that, this film is personal, inspiring, powerful, sad and happy and handsdown, the best and most enjoyable documentary to be seen this year.

His shooting techniques example overhead shots of a crowd of his films are familiar and are put to good use as in his new film. Now in its 20th year, Cinefranco is one of the longest running film festivals in Toronto. It is hard to survive in this festival eats festival world, but Cinefranco has got a loyal base of sponsors that come back year after year not to mention a good selection of films from France, Quebec, Belgium and Africa.

A film with babies being brought into the world? One cannot imagine a more euphoric subject. Martin Provost is a French film director not that well known in North America as his films, as is the case of many French films, do not get distribution. The broken relationship is seen from the backdrop of her sudden disappearance when she decides to take the train. It is seldom that North Americans get to see a Japanese anime that is not violent manga and not from Studio Ghibli.

That is not to say that Studio Ghibli stuff is bad but variety is the spice of life as they say. A small but talented music school is at risk of being closed for good due to financial difficulties. The school must win a music contest in order to survive. Into the school arrives a spirited but sometimes troublesome new girl. It does not take a genius to guess that this girl will try to and almost, anyway save the school from financial ruin. Lupino was born in London and left eventually for Hollywood. She was sometimes known as the British Jean Harlow. But she called herself the poor Bette Davis for accepting roles that Davis would have otherwise rejected and later when she became a director calling herself the poor Donald Siegel.

The English title tells it all. This film seems ideal for a Hollywood remake as follows the line of many French comedies. This new Cinematheque series showcases post war French Crime classics, may of which are seldom seen. He took the name of Melville after the war, after his favourite American author Herman Melville.

His family were Alsatian Jews. Each year, ICFF is proud to present an inspiring showcase of the best new Italian and international cinema. Hot Docs Toronto is supposedly the largest documentary film festival in North America. It begins April 27th. They see free - for screening before 5 pm. A total of 6 films will be screened during the 3 days. Capsule reviews are provided for three of these films. Directed by Francois Ozon. What would be another year without another film from French director Francois Ozon?

Directed by Olivier Assayas. Maureen also has a ghostly encounter from her recently dead brother who she was quite close with. Goehte-Institut Toronto celebrates the return of Heimatflims with recent award-winning German films from this genre. Done without dialogue, it is a mythical tale that could vey be the birth of man like the story of Adam and Eve. The power of the animation is in its apparent simplicity of plot, enhanced by stunning animation and music.

The Series is entitled:. Volcano: The Films of Anna Magnani. A deluxe tribute to "the She-Wolf of Italian cinema. Every year, a panel of film experts filmmakers, film critics et al. But the fortnight will be the period to have a chance to watch all of them. As interesting as RESET is a film about ballet, a non dance audience would likely take a while to get accustomed to the subject of this documentary. Millepied was a famed choreographer and former principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, both of which won him the prestigious Paris Opera position.

The film tracks the opening premiere night counting down the 39 days till day 1 of rehearsals. Millepied prepares to unveil his first ballet on the 25th of September The camera follows Millepied as he imagines and arranges his choreographies in front of the studio mirror. This act of creating finally unfolds within one of the most beautiful locations in the world: the Palais Garnier. Except for the limitation of time to get everything in place, the film has little drama or suspense. Everything appears to be working very well, except for Millepied who always appears to be un-trackable.

But what the film lacks in drama, it provides more in terms of splendour of ballet. A wise decision as the sequence shows the performance of the dancers performing at their best after weeks of hard training. Millepied is shown to be extremely happy and proud of what he sees on stage. This do not show much and serves as a distraction tot he continuity of their actual dance. He wanted changes to old school ballet, even casting for the first time a mixed race dancer as lead dancer.

RESET also shows that besides having to choreograph, Millepied had to overlook almost very aspect of the show from costumes, lighting, sets, hair and publicity. The film ends with the titles informing the audience, during the closing credits, that Millepied resigned 4 months after the premiere of his show. No reason is given, but one can only guess the reason from the film - likely that his quest for changes in ballet was not acceptable to his employers.

Like in the other 3 films mentioned, her protagonist undergoes a major change in life in the midst of the movie. Nathalie another excellent performance by Isabelle Huppert is a dedicated and demanding teacher, wife, and mother whose life is jolted when her husband of many years leaves her for another woman. As her life slowly crumbles she loses her publications as well , Nathalie slowly adapts using her background in philosophy. Nathalie is not as assured and confident as she is in the past. Her black, obsess cat, Pandora stands also as a metaphor for her life.

But Nathalie, at least finds an unlikely friend in a former student, the radical young communist Fabien Roman Kolinka. The film is also beautifully shot in Normandy in a beautiful vacation house where the tides waters of the sea come into the backyard my personal dream home. The musical score ranging from classical Schubert to folk Woody Guthrie is marvellous.

Just in time for the holidays, this dazzling showcase, devoted to the legendary animation studio returns to TIFF Bell Lightbox. The series of 23 films runs from 24th of December to January 6th The film opens on September 21, , shortly after the end of World War II at a local train station. Here, a boy, is dying of starvation.

Later that night, a janitor digs through his possessions, and finds a candy tin, which he throws away into a nearby field. From the tin spring the spirits of Seita and his younger sister Setsuko as well as a cloud of fireflies. Seita's spirit narrates their story alongside an extended flashback to Japan in the final months of the war.

There is not much story but in the film but what it lacks in plot is more than made up in terms of raw emotion. The film traces Seita and Setsuko as they try to survive after being orphaned and left with no money. But they retain their dignity never succumbing to their uncaring relatives and love for each other. My mother, a child during WWII used to tell me stories of her running to the air shelters amidst bombing but by the Japanese in Singapore, so watching this film has meant much more to me.

At the age of 13, witches have to leave heir home and spend a year on their own. So Kiki dubbed voice of Kirsten Dunst in the English version takes her broom and flies to a coastal town to find her true calling. She starts a flying delivery service while finding first and true love a local boy. A pop soundtrack helps in the proceedings that eventually aids Kiki finding herself.

This is the first Ghibli film released under the partnership of Ghibli and Disney Studios. Totoro is a huge smiling gremlin that only children can see, and only if they are lucky enough. The film is a family based drama that charms on fantasy creatures, childhood memories, perfect parents and beautiful countryside farms. A brother and his younger sister are left to tend for themselves when their father moves them to a farm while waiting for their mother to return from hospital due to an unnamed illness. They encounter mystic creatures that include the huge Totoro of the title, who eventually helps them visit mother in hospital by loaning them a cat-bus.

The film makes living on a farm paradise. She tastes blood licking the cut on Sosuke and develops hands and feet to become a girl. Unfortunately this causes an unbalance in nature resulting in tsunami like conditions in the fishing town. This is an excuse for animation so stunning and the most colourful I have ever seen that the film won the Japan Academy Prize for animation of the year. Love conquers all in the end. Based on the manga comic series that was also written by Miyazaki, this animation plays like a STARWARS episode in which kingdoms fight for survival and for unity and stabilization of their species.

The story is set in apocalyptic Earth which has almost all of the human race destroyed due to toxic pollution. The angry insects must be calmed or they will attack the humans. The princess is a kind soul who is well respected by everyone and she has to prove her worth when attacked by an invading Tolmekians. More action and adult than the other films in the series but by means no less enjoyable.

This is not their first collaboration. The film unfolds in 3 trimesters three French school terms in a year. The first occurs in winter and the final after summer. The protagonist is year old Damien Kacey Mottet Klein , a smart good in math and sensitive good in poetry who lives with his doctor mother, Marianne Sandrine Kiberlain and absent father, Nathan Alexis Loret , a fighter pilot abroad. Mother and son miss Nathan who comes home occasionally when the military allows. In high school, Damien gets picked on by Thomas Corentin Fila , a classmate, who trips him in the middle of class for no apparent reason.

From then on there are constant altercations between them while playing sports and in the schoolyard. Both are outsiders at school chosen last for sports teams. In order to protect himself, Damien takes self-defense classes with Paulo, an ex-military family friend. The film goes from there with the story turning into young love - with raging hormones expected of youth at the age of The change of seasons reflect the sexual awakening of the boys.

When the boys are in school the first trimester is set in winter, their sexual desires are as if, hidden in the cold. An excellent segment also occurs later in the film when the two study Latin and discuss the difference between desire and need. It is also rare in films that both adults and youth are treated as intelligent. In fact, every character is intelligent enough to have a valid say in the story.

During November 17 — 20, , Hungary cinematically celebrates 60 years of freedom. The selected movies and documentaries show different aspects of how the Freedom Fight directly affected the lives of everyday people, how fear can be part of daily routine, how the desire for freedom can create heroes. I hope that many of you will come and take in a film or two, or three, and be inspired by heroes — Freedom First! Canada took in 37, refugees from the Hungarian uprising, cementing a long-standing relationship between the two countries. Award-winning producer Robert Lantos was one of the refugees who left Hungary as an 8-year old boy, settling first in Uruguay then emigrating to Canada in Other credits for Mr.

The students were Freedom Fighters on the night of hence the film title that took up arms to fight against the Soviets. The film traces their plight to Canada, largely to British Columbia where a number of forestry students completed their degrees at UBC. But this is not without difficulty and prejudice.

If there is one film to be seen during the festival, this is the one. The three manage to sneak in the weapons on to the flight in a ridiculous airport segment that director Fazakas stages with cliched false alarms. The hijacking is carried out with fair suspense though it looks quite unbelievable. Even less believable is the romance between two of the hijackers. Which makes the film all the more interesting that all the events are true.

The musical score is just terrible, the music deciding for the audience how to feel at each moment. There are some good parts, like the spontaneous debate among the other passengers on the evils of communist Hungary and the landing of the plane when suddenly the other passengers are faced with a life decision on whether to return back to Hungary or to defect.

The Hungarian revolution took place 3 months after the hijacking. If only the hijackers would have waited and saved all the trouble. The November 10th, issue of Paris Match in featured a report on the Hungarian revolution. Who are they? Have they survived the revolution?

ISBN 13: 9782226208620

If yes, is it possible to find them after all these years? The film follows their search for answers. It is a very extensive search as the film follows them around the globe from Budapest to Australia where the girl finally got naturalized and married. The girl turned out to be q freedom fighter by the name of Yutka. European Union Film Festival. The edition of the festival will take place November 10 to 24 at the Royal Cinema euffto. In addition to showing 28 feature films from each of the 28 EU member countries, this year EUFF will include a round table discussion with award-winning filmmakers from the region, be part of two cinema-focused exhibitions, and showcase a selection of short films, all firsts for the Festival.

Her latest, The Saver , has already earned her countless international nominations and will be distributed in the US in the winter. It will run until December 16, Showcasing short films for the first time at the Festival, EUFF will be showing six student shorts from the EU, each screening in front of a feature. The titles and pairings for this selection will be announced with the Festival's full film line-up on October About the European Union Film Festival. The EUFF is a unique festival and the only one in the world to bring together disparate EU Consulates and local cultural institutes for collaboration.

Availability works on a first-come, first-served basis. Eva was at the peak of her career as an actress when her drinking caused a downward spiral in both her family life and career. Now, at the age of 62, she is dead set on staying sober and determined to reconcile with those whose confidence she lost during the worst years of her addiction. More than anything else, she wants to regain the love of the person she values most in life, her son Dodo. At one point in the film, Eva complains about young directors not having enough emotion in their films.

A weird documentary about the wilderness nomadic people in Finland called Skots, the film traces the tales told to the protagonist Robert Crottet by an old Skots lady called Kaisa. One of her fairly tale sessions is enough to fill two books. The film is shot partly in black and white with grainy scratches, reminiscent of the typical Guy Maddin film.

And just as odd too. An additional bonus is the animation added into the storytelling. The film is a period piece that spans the second world war and celebrates land and nature.

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It also pays homage to the first settlers in Finland, displaying their way of life in term of reading reindeer, cooking and storytelling. Never mind the loose narrative - just sit back and enjoy the story telling and wonderful black and white cinematography.

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This Dutch period piece that celebrates the toil of the poor Dutch people who stand for their principles is the perfect selection for the opening film at the European Union Film Festival. There are several stories on display, the main one being the building of the historic Victorian Hotel near the new Central Station in Amsterdam. Old Vedder has to step aside and sell his shop making violins as it is part of the site of the planned Victoria Hotel. Meanwhile, his cousin Anijs, pharmacist, has gotten into a fix after illegal medical practices and is looking for a way out.

For himself and his wife but also for some peat cutters whom he promises a future in the United States. Vedder is to use the sale of his shop to finance the emigrants. But he is too stubborn to come down in the price with the result that the Hotel builders decide to build around his who instead. The film is quite a downer with hopelessness always in the atmosphere, despite the tacked unhappy ending.

I checked the history of the Victoria Hotel and it says that the hotel built around two ships that the owners of the hotel could to agree with. Seven year old Aya spends a lot of time in the theatre because her father, Asen, is an actor. One night Aya falls asleep in the control room. Will Asen succeed to rediscover himself with the unreserved support of his wife and the selfless love of his daughter?

It does not help that Ansen is depicted as a drunken hopeless has-been. The film clearly wants the audience to side with him, but unfortunately the film does not do him justice with no redeeming qualities. A sad, boring film about the ins and outs of theatre life that no one really cares for. The climax of the brawl is funny but not enough to save the movie.

The fifth annual Evolution! In , EMIFF aims to expand the presence of international filmmakers and strengthen its position within the worldwide film festival calendar. Since it's inception, the number of films screened has tripled, counting over 70 movies from 22 countries during the festival program. In conjunction with its sister-screening event in Hollywood, CA, EMIFF is becoming an international launching pad for promising new talent in all film genres. EMIFF is proud to partner with sponsors who support the arts and emerging artists.

The EMIFF is also a true destination event, with spectacular scenery in which to show high quality international films amidst the natural beauty of the island of Mallorca. It has has quickly become a hot destination, popular with locals and film goers around the world who come in for the festival's screenings, celebrity attendees, and numerous industry and special events. This year, the festival will honour Danny DeVito with a special tribute award in-person. The festival was founded and is directed by a talented young festival director German actress Sandra Seeling Lipski.

The festival will present 17 films in Narrative feature and 6 in Documentary feature Competition, 18 short films, as well as additional events and special screenings. Festival passes and individual tickets are available at present. Ticket sales and additional festival information can be found at:. Two soldiers are forced to live together in a small bunker. The intense war outside will soon erupt between them. After an ultimate fight, Romy decides to break free.

The Evolution Honorary Award is given to an iconic and visionary filmmaker who inspires audiences, breaks boundaries, and has created visionary entertainment that has touched generations. Danny DeVito's tremendous body of work exemplifies storytelling passion and skill. We are proud to present a screening of Mr. A young Muslim rapper is forced to spend some time with a crotchety white racist. Enemies become friends, and learn a little something about the banality of their ignorance. After years of depression Luca reinvents herself with the help of new friends.

A stranger in his own life, Danny reluctantly returns to his childhood home after his father's sudden passing. He rediscovers his hometown as a summery paradise. Anna a single mom is forced to take four jobs to support herself and her autistic son, she decides to leave Georgia but it's easier said than done. Director will be in attendance. A former East German boxing champion working as a bouncer and debt collector reflects on life when he is diagnosed with ALS.

A librarian facing a mid-life crisis travels to Costa Rica in search of enjoying life to the fullest. While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend, Dusty blacks-out. When he comes to, his boyfriend has been murdered and he's the prime suspect. Holiday time, a Mediterranean island. The determination, no matter the cost, to make things change. Nostalgia for a past that never existed. Julia rents a room to Luuk. Their cohabitation will make them rethink their lives: are they living the way they really want to? We follow Devki's story, as it tell us why Indian women find it difficult to free themselves from their traditional roles.

After the death of his parents a young man travels to Mallorca to live in their house and look after their turtle. Ingvld entangles herself with two men, it is a very dangerous journey. Jilted groom David is convinced by his best man Flula to continue with his planned honeymoon. Lead actress Lilith Stangenberg in attendance. For the refugees of the multinational residential centre somewhere in Europe, this black comedy reveals their daily stuggles and laughs. An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band, Oasis. In the s, New York's SoHo was occupied by artists from around the world, The Karamazoffs, a group of Barcelona artists relive their experience during those wild years in SoHo.

Human rights activist Elias Bierdel commentates throughout the film and meets refugees from different countries and activists. From mother to daughter the film shifts to a reflection about female emancipation, fight, movement and cinema. When Teo Chani Martin , the religious one is first sent to the deserted outpost in the midst of a harsh winter, his beliefs run heard to head with the more animalistic Silverio Eric Frances.

Things get worse when a beautiful Polish girl Monika Kowalska shows up wounded. Silverio aims at satisfying his sexual urges while Teo wants her delivered as an enemy to the army. They nurse her back to health. The film serves as both a thriller and a character study of the three characters. One thing about the film is that one can never guess what is going to happen next - both in terms of incident or character development.

An overall absorbing film. A runaway movie in which the runaway is a female fed up with her marriage. They play at being free and wild in the California desert, but can't escape the shadow hanging over their relationship. A drunken night in a bar leads to a violent confrontation. Romy sees a chance to remake her life. In the process, she undergoes a series of adventures, finding her true love at the same time. Just like WILD, the female seems to encounter friendly harmless males. The film is called SKY because it is always changing. And so do the events in the story.

They keep changing so that nothing is expected, which could be a good thing and bad as well. At least Kruger and Lellouche are totally watchable. Cinefranco the 19th edition continues this year in October after a slight setback from lack of sponsorship. Congratulations to Marcelle Lean, la directrice de Cinefranco! Thursday, October 27 — Tuesday, November 1, I have a great affinity for the Alliance franchise. It is where I first studied French in Singapore. The Alliance franchise there immersed me in French culture, films and language. The award-winning acclaimed films this year will tackle the topic of identity and human rights through comedy, drama and thriller genres.

Women are often hit by crises. For the complete list of films, ticket pricing and purchases, please go to the cinefranco website at:. Below are full reviews and capsule reviews of selected films:. Films were provided courtesy of Cinefranco. The plot concentrates on two female protagonists - a mother and daughter who just cannot seem to get along. The daughter is the lead singer in a rebel band running in trouble with the police because of the anti-patriotic songs. The single mother on the other hand wants her to be a doctor and go to medical school. The father visiting occasionally, lends a hand but that is clearly not enough.

It is a scenario that is trouble for everyone. She promises but never keeps the promise. Unfortunately, too many issues tackled in a film translates to a rather cop-out film ending. In the film, actors runs amok with the would-be brides switched during their road journey to their weddings. This is possible in Algeria as the heads of the brides are fully covered in white. There are twin stories here. In a remote farm in the Maghreb, Hadj Achour is about to give his daughter Sultana to the youngest member of the Laroubi family.

Meanwhile in France, young Kenza causes a scandal in the neighbourhood where she lives. A feminist, she goes on a French television program to talk about an upsurge in virginity certificates in her community. The film appears hilarious enough with all the actors running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but the humour is more amusing than laugh-out loud. The Alergerain culture comes across strong, which is a major plus in this comedy of manners.

The story revolves around Sam Malik Zidi , a Franco-Algerian freelance journalist, infiltrating a group of four young people who have been tasked with the creation of a cell. The mission is to to spread chaos throughout Paris by first planting a bomb home-made in the heart of Les Champs-Elysee.

Sam is even more at risk of being outed with his wife and young son also at risk. The cops are not that willing to help either, leaving Sam to rely on his own devices. Not an easy watch, but a more than satisfying thriller. Charles Olivier Gourmet is a soldier casualty who has lost his leg during the war. He is left at the farm where he needs a live-in nurse.

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  • Angelie Georgia Scalliet is hired as his home care nurse whose true love is the father of her young daughter who recently died at the Front. United by the need to rebuild their lives, a joyful complicity grows between them which reawakens them to life. A strong bond arises between them and evolves into passionate love.

    The title of the film derives front the name of the mare - Mandarine. Her scent is used to tempt the stallion to mount her. The film takes a more serious tome in the second half. Both Gourmet and Scalliet deliver excellent believable performances, as amplified in the difficult sex scenes. One of the best and most beautiful period love stories seen on the screen this year! Directed by Eric Lavaine. There is one good reason to see the new comedy that is a number one hit in France this year.

    The title gives away the plot of this new charming French comedy. She is welcomed with open arms: she can enjoy the over-heated apartment, Francis Cabrel stuck on replay, furious games of Scrabble and precious maternal advice on how to sit at the table and how to live her life. Both women must exercise infinite patience to cope with this new situation. And when the rest of the clan turns up for dinner, settling of scores and family secrets follow on one from the other in a most joyful way. Everybody has a family of sorts and they all meet, sometimes occasionally for dinner.

    North Americans have Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they can relate. The film also digs deep in the heart. When the sibling quarrel and fight at the dinner table, mother finally remarks for them to go home repeating that this was the worst night of her life. Besides the obvious family dinner gathering, there are other prize comedic set-ups. One is the mother trying to get away from Steph to be with her lover who stays in the upstairs apartment. She tells Steph she is taking the train to Avignon, but Steph insists on accompanying her to la gare, with mother trying to lose her at every move.

    Like all the other originals, the French version is the best. And no one can replace Balasko as the mother. But besides being a comedy, it is foremost a film about family. With this strong grounding, the film can not go wrong. Surprisingly, the education comes in a different form, as the two discover more about life, women and their relationship towards each other, rather than in the wines they savour. The best scene has the three of them in the cab as if posing for a photo, goofing around and nudging each other way from the cab mirror. All during the trip, the three try to conquer the opposite sex.