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Ashcraft , Dean Reed. Ministrikk Linda Hansen , Charlott Pettersen. Vis flere. Henter kundeanmeldelser Blogget om boken. Fattig student Karen Elene Thorsen ,-. Ashcraft, Dean Reed ,-. Hot Plants, Natures Proven Sex Boosters For Men And Women, contains a lively account of those adventurous travels, with valuable information that you can use to boost your sex life. These natural agents of desire include Tongkat Ali, maca, yohimbe, catuaba, ashwagandha, horny goat weed, zallouh root, Rhodiola rosea, Red ginseng, Siberian ginseng and chocolate.

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham draws upon history, legend and keen research, as he weaves tales of remarkable people, exotic locations, and his extensive investigations into the science and uses of the hot plants. Learn which plants increase libido in both men and women, improve erectile function in men, put more fire into your sex life, and significantly boost your pleasure. Never used!

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From: HPB Inc. Dallas, TX, U. Seller Inventory NEW Published by Griffin Oct About this Item: Griffin Oct, Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Kilham went to Peru for Pure World in and came back convinced. Pure World commissioned a team of Chinese researchers to see whether rodents agreed with him. Maca-dosed rats had sex far more often than their non-dosed confreres, and in one study even castrated rats that were fed maca got erections as quickly, when electrically stimulated, as some intact, similarly stimulated testosterone-fed rats.

A modest amount of maca, in short, could rival testicles and testosterone. The group looks at the giant ceiba tree on the Amazon River. Preliminary human trials were promising as well: In studies at Australia's Victoria University and Massachusetts General Hospital, women who had lost libido after menopause or while taking antidepressants reported a stronger sex drive on maca. In a Peruvian trial, healthy men who took maca reported heightened sexual desire.

In Italy, men with erectile dysfunction reported improved turgidity. And in the UK, in a test of maca's effect on general stamina, eight cyclists rode 40 kilometers, then took maca for two weeks and rode the distance again. They averaged a minute faster.

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Pure World contracted with Peruvian farmers to grow, harvest, and dry the maca, then the company refined it into powders called Maca Pure and Maca Tonic. These it sold to herbal-supplement manufacturers like Nature's Bounty and EuroPharma to put into pills or bottles for retail sale. To the press, meanwhile, Kilham hailed maca as "Peru's natural Viagra" and a begetter of "Chinese New Year's fireworks in your pants. They lauded maca, but not as feverishly.

But I tried it and felt some stirrings.

In the Jungle With Dr. Feelgood

Me—in my eighties! It's real. Maca proliferated on the shelves of GNC and Whole Foods stores, and websites dedicated to it sprang up. Worldwide sales have now reached something like a quarter-billion dollars. Today, Naturex is one of the world's leading processors of maca, which is among its ten bestselling botanicals. Still, it is far outsold by nonsexual extracts like cranberry marketed for its antibacterial properties , ginseng for mental acuity , and bilberry for vision.

Indeed, sex enhancers as a whole make up a mere 15 percent of Naturex's U.

Kilham says not so. Guy walks into the supplements aisle, he doesn't know what works and what doesn't. Even with a product like maca, which he may know is legitimate, a lot of companies can't guarantee that each dose they've processed will have a standardized amount of the active compounds. So maybe he buys a product that's not so good and it doesn't do anything for him, and he tells everyone, 'This maca stuff is a waste of money.

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To relieve problems of trust, Kilham teamed up with the manufacturer Purity Products to buy Naturex's maca, turn it into capsules, and market it as Chris Kilham's Vital Maca , with his respected face on the label. But with no scientific research yet on the bark's sex benefits, Naturex and Kilham are emphasizing its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, for which there is a small body of supporting science. Kilham thinks the bark may someday be a common salve for the aches of arthritis sufferers and through-hikers.

His self-experimentation suggests that chuchuhuasi is on par with ibuprofen for anti-inflammation—and perhaps with maca for sex. All of which was good enough to merit a trip deep into Amazonia. A few days before we visited Witches Alley, Kilham led our party up the remote Ucayali to meet a Shipibo trader who, if all went well, would supply chuchuhuasi to the world. Our vessel was the Apus, a small two-decker owned by Kilham's trading partner, Sergio Cam.

Cam, Kilham's junior by six years, is a man of ample cheer and circumferences: waist, chest, and head. If his face lacked its breadth, the smile that habitually plays across it would have to hang in the air. Cam had cobbled her together to bring Naturex's raw goods out of the jungle and, on the empty trips in, to bring a free, floating dental clinic to the villages where Naturex traded. Naturex, via Cam, had set up a similar clinic in the region that supplied its maca. We do it because it's smart business.

If the people know we'll help them, they're gonna like us, and they're gonna be good back to us and give us a reliable supply. It didn't seem the worst form of self-interest. The Apus shoved off with 14 crew and passengers, including Kilham, Helene, Cam, and a medicine man who dressed like Tiger Woods and gave cranial rubs with his thumbs that felt like having five-irons bored into your skull.


There were also three gentlemen with sidearms and bullet loops strapped to their thighs. You want a lot. They don't sink it or kill you—just leave you to drift. Someone will find you.

Hot Plants: Nature's Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women

As it happened, we had more pressing concerns. The Apus sailed her first and last uneventful hour before getting stuck on a mud bar. The crew pulled out long wooden two-by-two's and after 15 spirited minutes heaved us free. A half-hour of calm sailing ensued, then the engine made a sudden racket like a lawn mower running over a pile of branches and died. We learned then that the Apus had no anchor, which seemed an odd choice to a landlubber, so we drifted aimlessly until the boat lodged itself on a submerged hummock.

It was not clear how many, because the boat had no GPS. We could not radio for help because there was no radio, another arresting feature of the Apus.

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When the pump was at last installed, a noise resembling a motor rang out triumphantly. But only after four or five men, including Kilham, jumped overboard and shoved on the hull in chest-high water for an hour and a half were we set free. Kilham alone looked more refreshed than worn on returning to the boat. He was an advertisement for herbal living. You just don't know what or when. Kids play soccer in the slums of Iquitos, Peru.

It was an attractive little town, with crumbling buildings and a couple of leafy plazas. Maldonado's compound consisted of a warehouse, drying shed, house, and fence, all of which could have fit on a basketball court with room to take a few jump shots. Every so often, men would pull up on the riverbank in skiffs and haul huge bundles of roots or bark over to the open-air shed, where their contents would be spread to dry on pallets before being shipped up or down the river for sale.

Maldonado was a short, polite woman who parted with her words on an as-needed basis. A few years earlier, Kilham had entered negotiations with a Shipibo chief to supply Naturex with botanicals, only to discover that the chief was a con man with nothing to deliver.