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The internet has help a lot. Enjoying enlightenment for lots of reasons. Mostly because I was destined to find my twinflame during my awakening, at the early age of We have an amazing life unfolding here, even if most of my plans are made for our carnation together. But I guess tolerance is an area I need to strengthen. Disappointed to admit that I smerk at people making stupid decisions about their own character. Also finding myself a little too excited about the idea of moving on, especially as far as my twinflame is concerned. Calm down, slow down, take a breath, and make a continuous decision to make a difference.

Not gonna lie, very overwhelming…. Remember that anything you see in them is a reflection of where that piece of your Divine Soul is currently at. You must have experienced similar lives in the past and obviously became aware at a young age. Because they are YOU. And when you realize that I am you, then there is nothing but love for the journey that I am on in each and every one of you. And that is the true moment of awakening.

It is nothing but love because it is unconditional and understanding of all things and all beings. Hi out there all you beautiful people. We need to meet or I need to meet you. Just for a now or two if it is possible somewhere in relative time and geografical location. A proces without imagining, a proces totally apart from my current lifesituation in familylife, three kids, work and relative reality. It has been difficult at times but mostly amazing, joyfull and passionate. Universe or space provide me with unending teachings, love and joy, and all is within my mind.

But I tell you; Family is the most effective grounding force, and I have adjusted, so that I get the best from both worlds. And this is thruly blissfull. My detachment from the illusionery dream, has providede me with such a clarity, which I bring into everyday situation, at home and at work. Everybody is growing, is happier and feel more freedom. It a joy passing it on. I tell you out there somewhere; if you got it, you should take it in and let go of interlectual understanding, mixed feelings and fear, and let it unfold in your mind. I seriously mean, that we ought to meet each other if possible, and share what we have enters into, just to calm and celebrate the new human reality of infinite freedom.

Thanks for all you posted. I have enjoyed it very most, but also get sad in my Heart to hear of some of you having trouble finding balance.

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We should help each other. It is truely bliis and joy. Never ever ending love in the purest form. This is what I liked to share with you, and thanks Adyashanti for the written book, which I have bought, and I am looking foreward to get it by mail. All my love to you out there. Henrik, hello my beautiful brother. So glad to have find someplace to see my sisters and brothers. I am so happy, full of joy. Interesting story really:. Had a religion class on my last semester in college which was part of my required courses.

I always hated religion and felt like it was causing pain and misery in the world and this was not different. I read all the books but one, wrote all the papers, just to graduate and forget about it. A week after graduation I had this feeling that there is nothing to do anymore and I was over with school forever, however there was this one unread book from the religion class, that I hated, and tried to avoid at all cost. I tried to find something to do and even started to look for work but this book would keep coming back into my mind like I was supposed to read it now, not before not later but just about NOW.

I read about half of it and stopped. The author was telling about connectedness of everything and for some reason I just felt like checking this hypothesis. I looked outside my window with an intention to see this connectedness and for a split moment my eye caught a tree and I felt its energy and its essence being identical to mine, in the next moment after that I felt all thing are identical to me, the next moment I realized it is all identical however all different at the same time and there was no paradox as if its the way things should be.

I felt like god was in me and I was in god and I was god but not in a personal kind of way which one sees himself as god but in a way that everything is god and everything is one. The next moment brought a feeling that everything is everything and nothing at the same time and suddenly I felt that what I always thought to be true was false. I suddenly saw my identity shifts from the me and I was witnessing myself from the side as if I was no longer this body or mind or emotions but just that witnessing presence.

The room was filled with light even though the windows had a heavy covering and there was a sound in my head which sounded like waves breaking on the shore without ever stopping. After a few more minutes the sound became a little to much and I wished for it to stop and it did quite quickly.

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I had a true shift in identity and I knew this was some kind of end and a beginning of something else but I never heard of spiritual awakening and never even knew what spirituality was before that. I was wondering what had happened to me and how will this affect me. The next few years were very interesting as I slowly started to notice things about myself and others that I have not noticed before. Every time someone was jealous, sad, happy, mad, you name it, I saw it as if I was witnessing a car passing by.

This is still going on, however on a smaller scale as it became a natural way of being and viewing the world and people around me. At times I do feel like I am almost done here and I am about to die which I have become very ok with btw since everything in reality is eternal. Just felt like sharing my story, it is ultimately very personal for everyone and you can feel all I have described or nothing of it and everything in between, while there can be infinite realizations and forms of the same one reality which is all one at the core.

DS — this was a few years ago for you but I wanted you to know that I am in the same stage now. Luckily I was able to fully integrate my awakening with my family and work life and not lose my family or children, and am as busy as family life can provide. Where I used to have a forceful business drive, it is gone. My passions for travel and experience have faded as well. Before my awakening, I was sometimes depressed, but this is different.

I continue reading, meditating and staying present, hopeful that the path forward will soon reveal itself. Last year I had experienced a nonduel awakening after a tramatic event. I started to get into trasdential meditations. After some time I woke up to a reality beyond myself. I could not tell myself from anything around myself, the entire framework of existence had collapsed around and inside.

This lasted about two months in physical time, but from the medephysical, time was eternal, never beginning and never ending. Although there was this knowing, and still is deep down, the last year since has been the hardest experience ever. This gives hope to know that this experience of waking up, then like adya states the shutter closes. It helps in not feeling alone even if we have awoke before, or are awakening for the first time, that no one is alone in this struggle, in this process of awakening to the highest state we can find ourselves in.

I pray that whoever we are, and whatever spiritual battles each of us are facing in our own lives, that we find peace in them and are all able to overcome, no matter what walk of life we are from, that we can all accept ourselves and others more, and love deeper in the rough periods of life. I was in the same place you are in, this book pulled me out of it. Chris, I feel your pain. Your words summed up exactly what I too am going through. So where does it all lead to? Have you found any insight?

First off, i would like to wish everyone a blessed holiday season, hope god is helping so many of us through our troubles, and that the spirit is touching those of us in termoil. I undertake the training rule to abstain from killing. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not given. I undertake the training rule to avoid sexual misconduct. I undertake the training rule to abstain from false speech. I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness.

I had an awakening in , and it has changed my life in greater and positive ways. When I say awakening I mean also being able to communicate with Spirit and others. I work with people as a Social Worker, so it has brought a greater insite to me and in more human ways I can share the loving wisdom with others in simpler ways so love of God can also bring faith and hope into the lives of others. However, I can say that it has not been an easy journey, trying to please your own desires of spirituality and to live in an average human life, while working, caring for family-home, etc… But, it has been a blessing.

I do understand that it is just not an awakening, but one constantly has to further their own self and seek to receive. For those people who had a spiritual awakening of the soul, I recommend working with people where it allows you to pass on the loving feeling and greater wisdom towards helping humanity and people around you. God works thru people on earth also. I would LOVE to chat with you.. Please feel free to contact me via email banksgeraldine1 gmail.

I acknowledge and respect the efforts made over here to provide some guidance for people after waking up. What I have learned myself, is that this awakening is pushing your mind to transcend duality, and the continuous need to define and judge your own experiences. We are all little miracles, created separately with our own beautiful talents and gifts, often dreams which we have given up during our childhood.

When you seriously take the time to look back on your own life history, you will find several dots lighting up, which now can easily be connected, as a route that was destined to lead you to where you have arrived now. It is very much an awakening to the miracle of who YOU are as in individual, and a call to realise your own sovereignty over your own being, which has essentially been given to you at birth.

I believe this applies especially to those of us who have never really created any boundaries between the self and the collective: people who have always given unconditionally, but never learned to receive…. For these people, it is essential to understand that this awakening is teaching you to develop an inner sense of unconditional love for every aspect of yourself, and to awaken a good sense of confidence and love from within.

In this sense, you will be tested on your inner integrity: are you living what you truely feel inside? That may very well mean that you want to put them out of your life for a while. Things you would not tolerate to be done to others, are things you should not tolerate to be done to yourself either. It is what makes you feel balanced within. You will notice that, after a given amount of time, this inner love for yourself — including the heaviness of the journey — will allow you once again to feel compassionate and understanding towards other people.

In this way, the individual consciousness can perfectly coexist with the collective consciousness, as it is meant to be. You will become more gentle and wiser, and patient, towards yourself and towards others. Accepting the nature of life, its darkness and its light, its tears and its laughter, its winter and its summer, without needing to change that nature, was — to me at least — the essence of the experience. But once again: this can be very different for every single person, and I believe that is how it is meant to be.

You cannot force your heart to unfeel what it feels, your heart is not to be directed by your mind. And above all: just accept that sometimes suffering needs time and patience to fade away, and that it invites us to nurture our broken hearts and sit with that pain, for it is an essential part of who you are. And it will NOT kill you, you will not need to be hospitalized or end up lost. Sarah… Thank you for sharing this.

You have no idea how on point this was for me. Thank you. As humans, we are both one with THAT and separate from it in this illusionary duality form. A difficult and extreme process to say the least, it still is as I travel this road. Breathwork for releasing any and all stuck energy, mental or physical.

It takes you out of the mental constructs of possibilities and story lines, allowing us profound insights and deeper experiences of the true reality seemingly experienced slightly different by each , after a true awakening experience, healings and processing of old patterns seem to happen much quicker if you let the emotions flow freely and let the body move in all the unusual ways it wants to during a breathwork session!!!

A great practice to reset ourselves in our natural states: freedom from tension, fear, anxiety. Thank you for posting this article. I think it is very important to let people who are going through the process know what to expect. The more difficult part is the dark night of the soul. For me this happened after the euphoria that lasted for three months. What a shock! Two absolute extremes. From bliss to abyss. From being totally in love with my creator, to being totally disconnected from her. From seeing things clearly, to there being no point to anything. That is, I am not paralysed anymore.

I can safely say that I have experienced all three levels of pain. They are all excruciatingly heavy. I can also say that I have experienced all three levels of bliss. Which brings me to the following question:. I was a seeker for 20 years. Somewhere in between the extremes I felt a deep sense of peace. I love peace. Having experienced what you have, I believe there has to be a catalyst to enter the dark night-usually tragic as in my case, although that can be relative-and then once in, the only way out is through the attendant pain.

Although the contrast was shocking, I would say you are profounding blessed and must be in tune with your emotions and the signals you receive. You heard and heeded the call to take the journey to the other side-to know yourself fully in all your faults and all your glory. Up until my healing, I was totally in denial and living out my ideal life-which was anything but ideal but the point is I was trying-through fantasy as there had been so much abuse in my life I dissociated.

I, in effect, had become my own abuser. When it happens is never comfortable, but I can attest to the living hell of not being spiritually and mentally conguent for years on end. You were and are blessed! I have been awakened and I love it! It not only changed my life but it radiates out to my loved ones and all that I have contact with. I disagree a ton in this article. I find it and the responses to be quite negative. I believe I am a work in progress and I refuse to look at this negatively.

I am so very blessed and I a going to do great things.. Huge things.. I agree with you Kathy. I had my awakening 18 years ago and it was the best thing ever — peace, joy, love and acceptance for everyone and myself, understanding how simple our life is, feeling one with everything, but at the same time really knowing who I am for the first time.

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All this had incredible effect on everyone around me, I was like a magnet for people, I made many new friends, even the ones that disliked me in the past became very friendly. With awakening comes incredible compassion for people and acceptance of any life situation, so negativity simply ceases to exist.

I felt like the whole universe was supporting my new life and helping all my dreams come true. I wish everyone could feel like this one day, as it is really amazing! Thank You All for Everything. Thanks Everyone. I have always been a spiritual person but right now I am finding it hard to cope in every day life, i find it hard to continue with life responsibilities and I feel like I am going simply insane. I have been meditating every single night, receiving hypnotherapy and I am due to have reiki on monday. I want to feel more grounded, I have an urge to wake up early every morning but I am overwhelmed by fear and anxiety with what is happening to me and I have diarrhea every morning and a complete loss of appetite.

I have felt this bad for just over a week now although it has felt longer, I have also broke away from my current partney as he does not understand my situation and I can sense a lot of negativity around him.. Does this seem strange to anyone? Sometimes during the day i will feel completely happy and at peace with myself, then the fear kicks in which leads to panic attacks. Please believe me when I say you will come through it. In the meantime, rest as much as you need to, stop kicking and screaming and give in to what is happening, accept it is necessary and you are healing and will heal.

Go with the flow as much as you can, know that spirit is completely protecting you at this time and although you feel alone you are not, you are surrounded by angels always. You are right that no one understands you and they think your loopy, that is fine.

LOUD & RACY Thoughts - (3-Ways To Quiet The EGO)

Stop trying to convince them otherwise, it makes you hurt more. You will get through no matter how dark it gets, you will begin to even out and the light will be there. Remember the light is already in you shining brightly and one day you will be able to let it shine xx. Its just what I needed to hear.. Just unable to surface.. Just feels so good to hear those words from a kindred soul! Thank you o much…. Sounds like to me you need some time in nature.

Away from everything. I felt lost and crazy at one point. I sold everything I owned. Packed up all my belongings and went hitch hiking for five years. It was the only thing that saved my sanity. The only time I ever truly was completely content and happy. And do it alone. Good luck. I send my positive vibes and love. Hello Alexander, I lay desparate on the bed right now reading your commentand I swear I am going through the exact situation you are now. I had the awakening expirience in December last year and for the next three — four month i had the best expirience of my life.

Radiant colors, beautiful sounds amd all that. But of late, i cant quite point out since when, i have been on utter depression, apathy, isolation, i cut off communication with most of my friends and half my family. I occasionally see the oneness in everything still, but it doesnt move me like it used to.

I am still in this condition now and it has marvelled me how your comment describes my situation.

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Please let me know how you come out of it when you do. I too am at a loss, my awakening lasted for 6 months. It was the most exhilarating experiences that I have ever encountered. This was about five years ago, through meditation, reading, and research, I have really been trying to get that state of oneness back. What I call spiritual depression, is otherwise known as the dark night of the soul. Has really taken its toll on me. Hi Alexandra. I hope that you are coming out of that extreme heavy stage now. It is very challenging indeed. You are NOT insane.

Be honest about what is happening to you with the people around you, they may not understand in one way, but deep inside themselves they do. If you really have to collapse in a heap, then do so. There is nothing wrong with that. Take that time to rest as much as possible. Much Love, Robert. This is crazy. I just want life to be better and I know it has the potential to be.

I have the feeling something huge is going to happen within the next 3 years. The past month has been the worst so far. Just thought I would give everyone an update as to what has happened with me now.. I did however go on a meditation retreat for three days and recieved a lot of spiritual healing. I am finally out of that pit of hell, now I can eat and sleep again and experience good days and bad, rather than days that are just completely horrendus. Now I am just starting to find myself again, picking myself up from the hell I have just been through..

I lost everything day by day like watching sand dissipate from my hand. I moved to a mountain top and was unable to function but had an enlightened friend taking care of me I was unaware of their state at the time. Depression is lightly put for the emotional roller coaster my being was experiencing from the relentless dying ego. Ways to take my deflated life became the only thing of interest, for motivation was a long distant dream and death seemed at least pleasing to digest.

But the good stuff is a simple reminder from the Divine source that you are on the right track…. To have such an experience in this lifetime is a gift that cannot be communicated with words, so trying to obtain understanding from other beings that still reside on the the 3rd dimension is a unfair task to ask of them. When the pain kicks in sit with it, feel it, love the pain, and be GRATEFUL for you are truly letting go of the nasty garbage that has been gathering in you for unknown lifetimes.

The journey is a grueling one and begins fresh with each moment…. But this is the only moment to be had. I like to check with my doctor sometimes for reasurrances. Take care of your body, give it LOTS of rest, eat well. It seems determined to take me to ever deeper levels of this. Also breathwork has been a great tool for clearing out the traumas and past patterning. Good luck! Thank you for this post of this chapter of the book.

Anyway, I typed random words in google that could possibly help me explain it better, which then came across this page. I just purchased the book and allowed my friends to read this page. Thank you again. My awakening has become a scary complicated lonely experience. I had to die for me to live at this point makes no sense to me… It started off as an emotional tragedy created by my heart and cries. Thank you for reading, like anyone actually cares lol. I care brother. The same has happened for me.

There are so many people who get it. Same here, I guess we are not lonely and other people on the comment section are so nice it makes me happy. Your post caught my eye. Last week I had a giggle.. A camera landing on a comet. Scientists dedicate their lives towards trying to find discoveries.. Stuck in the one same repeating process.. Our job is to evaluate our experiences because we have achieved all experiences and use the nuggets of gold we have to place in humanity; to we can collectively achieve perfection through 5 senses.

Then awareness will total in unison.. Expanding ripple further senses. All is infinite. Time captures a process of unity. I am 24 years old and I have been going through my awakening these past months! It has been amazing. When it started it was a normal afternoon, I was reading a book and my mind triggered in some way. Something in my brain had a connection which made me gasp in awe and I knew some thing had changed.

I came to the realization that we are all made of start dust. I have chosen an academic career getting various degrees and pursuing a life in corporate positions so I immediately began to do all kinds of research due to the images and realizations in my brain. From that point on I went through my struggle between my ego and my self. I analyzed every part of my being starting to see my life as a line of bright connections pin pointing various good and bad moments. I then began to see the bigger picture of life.

I could see past the veil, past the lies the cheats. I can even see and understand connections in history from years ago, seeing that there are other beings in the universe that are connected to us. I see the magic in past beings as if all the answers are in my head and everything naturally makes sense.

The journey has been tough and I was definitely confused, but my heart and mind could not be more grateful. I am excited and ready to experience more and use my spirituality to help our Earth. I struggle still with my everyday but I have planned a better life that will allow me to experience and explore this part of me while also having a stable life in this dimension. I decided to move to a country where I can feel connected to nature and am choosing to study a path different from the more corporate choices I had made.

Ten Signs That Your True Self is Telling You to Let Go

I can feel my powers coming back. I can sense more things than when I was a child and I now know that this has been me all along, I was just too scared to be who I am. I love this! I hope all of you here love it and use this to help humanity enlighten to better times. I am curious to know where you are now in your journey, if you would like to share.

I am considering doing the same thing. This morning I was up at 4am. I suddenly realised that the experience that I had in was a deep awakening. I always called it a rebirth and since grew into spirituality. What happened in was that I nearly died, it was a refusal to carry on in life. One night, I had visions of spirits, woke my mother up who thought I was losing my mind, I scared her to death, she called an ambulance and they took me to a psychiatric hospital.

I was locked in for exactly 6 months. Then I heard one day my mother ask the doctor if I would die and these words were a trigger. I was at that bifurcation point of my life and the trigger were the two words, die or live as the word die implied also live deep inside. From that day I started recovering, I saw everything in this world becoming magic, fascinating, beautiful, I lost the fear of being alone, abandoned…this occurred in aa matter of a month and the fascination kept going.

Six months later I went abroad, started a new life, became a teacher which was one of the visions for my future life while in hospital. But after 10 years the need to isolate myself came back so I quit the job carried on teaching through internet and lived secluded in the mountains. Until 18 months agp when I had a new awakening which changed my life again. I realised that the sickness that I was told I had 27 years ago was not a sickness, that I had nothing at all and what I was told by doctors was a mistake.

I took the risk of quitting all treatments. The doctor said that I would die in a few months. I then traveled around the world thinking that if I had to die I would at least die free of treatments that were ruining my life but deep inside I knew for sure that I had no thing.

My family has come closer to me, I can say that when my mother goes, I will have had time to really make peace with her. There is still the duality plane in me although I have a deep sense of compassion and of universe belonging. What I do has sense and I do things with depth and passion. My passion level is 8 on a scale of 0 to 10 and I experience life as a n exciting day to day discovery. This life was probably the life that I was supposed to have and I got it through acceptance. I know that it will change again, that passion will then maybe reach a 10 out of 10, it means deep inside that new revelations will come up freeing further the mind and body.

I would like so much to share all this with someone who could understand and respond. I have in mind of writing a book on what I experienced. I need to speak with people open enough first. I know this will come too. True self discovery. When we are fully awakened I believe we will understand that there were never any mistakes. Sending you encouragement. Confirms that I am not losing my mind and I am not alone.

happinessbeyondthought: Feeling your way to nondual awakening

Positive affirmations and meditating also have been beneficial. The process of realisation of existence when I no longer perceived reality started for me started in I locked my door and have lived a reclusive life since. I am no longer a conditioned response mechanism, victimised by my own perception. What changed? How I feel! My feelings were responding to how I perceived the world. How I perceived the world was prejudiced by the beliefs I used to sustain my perception and the narrative I used to explain why I felt the way I felt.

We are beyond words and concepts and how we feel is up to us. Jim, how did your reintegration back into the working world go? I have been healing for the past two years and now must also go back to pay to sustain life. Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I came here because I need help. I think I have full awaken or close to it and i do feel very disoriented, overwhelmed.. I feel free yet I am a bit lost as to what to do next..

I feel invincible, i feel like i can see clearly, yet i have lost everything.. Thanks for suggesting this book. People talk, blah blah blah about such silly things. I find myself much happier when I am alone. I have also felt this way for some time now. At first, I thought I was going through some sort of deep depression, as there was stress in my life and I felt like nothing was going as I had planned. How have you, or have you … been able to cope with the increasing disinterest in things that most people tend to talk about?

I also have been having this experience. For example I was sitting with some people last night and instead of hearing conversations I just see their egos defining themselves, I hear them speaking within their limited world view and realise that the conversation itself is not interesting to me because what is spoken of is only one tiny part of reality when we could be speaking of so much more.

Infinite possibilities!. Since there is no separation how can an awakened mind judge others. Is that not judging oneself? This is my current lesson I am working through. There is something hard to understand: what happens with life after Awakening. Now, I feel every job is useless, every single moneybill is nothing more than a piece of paper, every dreams I aways had are only childish fantasies.

I work to buy stuff and consume, but why? There is no place to live in this system if you mean to be free of consumerism. Take the private property for instance, there is nothing more absurd to me than buying a piece of land and build a house on it. No one has the right to sell or buy a piece of land. This is the real question after awakening. Awekened, now what? Should I work my dayjob so I can buy poisoned industrial food and reciclated water to keep my heart beating?

Should I stay on my dayjob so I can spend my hole life paying for a tiny piece of land where my house is? Everything, absolutelly every aspect of living in the System sounds silly right now. I am completelly lost. This is exactly how I felt through the most recent part of my journey. I was frustrated by the experience of a completeness of balance in all things I was perceiving. An inability to really get behind any sort of anger or confusion in everyday situations even ones that were devastating in my personal life. Seeing all things as whole and balanced was all well and good for the infinite but michelle was watching Rome burn.

And failing to really care on a level of action. This part you are still staring into the expansion things will reach a tipping point. For me balance began to take an odious form. Bland and monotonous. I began to perceive a lack of color anywhere. Then it happened. I was reflecting on my search for abiding wakefulness in an objective 3rd party way.

A destination of destinations in the mist. Have you ever been busted by your friends asking an absolutely ridiculous question and they laugh at you? I literally perceived laughter directed at me. As if my closest friend was giving up the farce and revealing to me a obviousness I just really should have seen all along. Not a single moment or slip but for years my beloved puppet you are hilarious. Too vast and incomprehensible and without flavor is the vastness of infinity for a human to dwell.

To focus gazing at the infinite is to dress in an elaborate costume and stand in awe of the image before you. Eventually you understand that it is without merit. It is one experience among all experience and like all experience it only holds the merit you give it. To you personally it has profound value and the infinite can only experience that value through you. So laughing I saw how I was using my tools backwards. Staring at the infinite is a useless feedback loop.

Staring at the infinite through the language of how it is expressed in humanity is how you begin to truly explore the depth of the infinite. Staring into the void is simply staring into the void. You are looking backwards up the lens. Fleeing with gladness back to my boundaries I felt reorganized back into my life. I still see the monotonous balance all over but I watch it through the rhythm of life instead of through contemplation of higher concepts. And I am healed by the knowledge of my own perfect balance in which I struggle as all beings struggle with their own perfect balance.

It is a brilliant lightshow. Once I found truth bit by piece here and there and now suddenly, instead of looking for truths here and there I see THE truth everywhere and in all things. I took it for about three months, and then with the full knowledge of my flatmates and Mum, began to half the dose weekly while monitoring my mental state.

Six months later I was drug-free, and my mental state had stabilized. Kundalini Awakenings often throw us totally into the La La Sphere, and keeping our feet on the ground as well as fronting up to the actuality of our physical, mental and emotional state is really important. Try to locate a Transpersonal Therapist who knows what Kundalini is and understands spiritual transformation.

You are not just undergoing extreme adjustment of your nervous system and physiology, you are whether you know it or not experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, for you are getting in touch with Source at its deepest level—you are discovering that in a very literal sense you and It are one. A Kundalini Awakening is a spiritual process that impacts our physical body. Handling those increased levels of prana means focusing on what you need to do to bring yourself into physical balance. Cut out the processed foods.

In my experience, eating meat can be a way to ground and come back to earth. This can be useful! Other grounding foods include root vegetables or certain nuts like brazil nuts and almonds. Exercise is great — especially walking outside in nature. Get to the beach, or the bush and move. This helps to harmonise you with a grounded, sane environment and gets rid of any excess energy in a really safe manner. Even something as simple as sitting on a big rock can do wonders for your sanity!

This can often be the toughest thing to do. A Kundalini Awakening shatters the ego and can make it difficult, if not impossible to function in society — at least for a while. The whole experience would just trip me out. Driving was freaky because there were so many lights on the roads — especially in Auckland! For me, it was like the perception filters that make it possible for us to function without being overwhelmed with stimuli had stopped working.

On top of this sensitivity, all the hidden parts of my ego had been thrown up for me to deal with. How to accept? Suffice to say that what we resist, persists. So you might as well embrace and work with whatever arises. There are Kundalini Support groups online, but having a real-life friend is good too. This is part of grounding yourself and helping the excess energy to move. Better to choose a practice that brings you squarely into the body — like Yoga. So too can journalling. This can help you work through all the shit coming up! Plus people can have all kinds of agendas when they write books or articles so be discerning always.

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