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Leia mais Leia menos. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. The first chapter, Moral Agency, is anecdotal and introductory and sets the tone for where the author is coming from. I really liked it. But the good stuff that really blows you away comes in the subsequent chapters: video games, nutrition, money and so forth. The chapters are a mixture of hard facts, statistics and research set to a background of personal experience and reflections from real life that make it easy to read.

I can't imagine anyone going unaffected from reading this.

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And I think many parents will find that the author brings up issues and points that we have all thought about, but with the data presented it just takes everything to the next level. There is definitely a need for a book like this on the market. It is a great gift book for moms, dads, educators, grandparents, etc. The chapters are fairly short, and yet they cover a lot. And if there is any one message that is sort of repeated throughout it would be that media really does influence so much more than we think: money management commercials that feed desires kids can't filter , mind numbing violence, even nutrition commercial food ads, for example, mostly sugary foods.

So the author really focuses on limiting media influences and increasing face-to-face interaction and letting kids make their own choices and mistakes to a greater degree than is being done today.


Did you know that the average American child watches as many as 40 thousand television ads per year, that kids spend 13 hours a week playing video games, that there are 13 million overweight and obese kids in America, that 50 to 70 million American suffer from sleep deprivation, that I did not, until I read this book. Were you surprised that Rosie Perez was leaving too? She wanted to leave and they respected that. They searched for a Latina co-host for so long. They are not going to find anyone better than her.

When actors came in, they all wanted to meet Rosie Perez and Whoopi. What were some of your favorite guests? Jeff Garlin taking his pants off was the single funniest thing that happened on the show. I loved meeting Stevie Wonder. I loved meeting Alicia Keys. The real-people stories we did stayed with me longer. We did a fashion show with kids with disabilities.

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We did a show with kids fighting cancer. Those were the shows that made me feel like I was doing something useful with my morning.

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I was happy to be there every single day. But you did lose your happiest employee. Did you meet Barbara Walters? When I did the test shows. I called her before my last show and she was generous and kind, and asked me if I heard I was getting fired in Variety. I have a 3-year-old. I have a couple of jobs. The opening night of the first debates of the Democratic Party primaries brought — even by the standards of such way-far-out confrontations between candidates for whom the election remains a far-off dream — vastly more empty drama than new information. But then, that may have been by design.

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  • Variety reported on her exit in early May. The [ Previous video Next video. In a report published by Common Sense Media, fifty percent of children under the age of eight and forty percent of children ages two to four have access to a smartphone, iPad or some other mobile media device.

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    Kids usually love technology and therefore need no encouragement to engage in it. When our family invested in a front loading washer and dryer our son became obsessed with laundry, just so he could program the digital settings! I both admire and fear the smartphone and its effects. I confess that if I was not a mother I would probably have one. And I know the only way we parents can truly protect our children from the dangers of the internet is to robustly educate and then educate some more.

    My fear did not exactly diminish after reading an article in the Washington Post, which related the story of a couple of high school boys who ordered prostitutes on their iPhones whilst away on a school-sponsored football trip. These are perhaps extreme cases of the most horrific technology effects, but the endless hours spent surfing, facebooking, playing video games and watching TV instead of more traditional activities, such as playing outside and being engaged in face-to-face conversations have documented negative effects even without prostitutes and porn.

    The risk for psychological problems is double for kids who spend four hours of screen time per day. Other sedentary activities such as reading and homework were not associated with the same risk. What a senseless thing to do with your life!

    And it is not just because Glenn Close is so marvelous in her role. Every family will have to make their own plan for dealing with technology and how to teach children about its benefits and potential dangers. Any approach we choose will have to evolve and adapt as time goes on and needs change. Right now, for our family, our approach includes a singular computer as the only internet device in our house on which to practice the first lessons of safe surfing.

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    It also includes an open and frank dialog about internet benefits and potential pitfalls. But most importantly it includes shutting off the TV, logging off the web and sending the kids out to play. Every day! Because what kids need these days is so obviously a pet rock! June 26,