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On Personal immortality is the ability for an individual in philosophical terms to live on for a prolonged period. A person needs to believe and be part of the category of immortality and fit every criterion, which is found in Abrahamic religions, and many others. An Athiest or non-believer wouldn't fulfill personal immortality because he's a non-believer. We're already immortal. For example, if I decide to take the mystic approach Plotinus drives; individuals and souls have always been continuous and on until they stop existing in our relative universe.

Why should we assume another a medium of oblivion exists. Unlike Aristotle which rejects the idea, Plotinus presents the concept of the soul carrying on, given its fulfilling a particular purpose He gives different parts of the individual and love. Either way, Plato had an impact.

Though this point is debatable, he strikes me much more of a mystic than a philosopher. Therefore there is always a leap to some value. To God, to gods, to truth, to experience. For Plotinus, the Sage finds answers through introspection after whittling away the illusions of life through the dialectic. This introspection yields a vision of the One from which Intelligence emanates and which thereby reflects upon the One through its own emanations which we view as the Soul. Or something close to this. At times, many times, a tedious read.

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Plotinus meanders, sometimes poetically but oftentimes randomly, as he constructs an internally consistent worldview that is reminiscent of Buddhism. Goodness is gauged by the distance one is from unity with the One. The One is beyond rational thought and is beyond Activity and Rest in its august Repose.

Soul is not described as a personal attachment to the body, but an essence that surrounds us and fragments to the individual. Like a noise that is exists outside of ourselves but is heard by each or light that divides in a prism. It is only through the unintended emanation of Intelligence that the question can even be posed by us. The plethora of hyphenated proper nouns i. View 2 comments. Jun 12, Jake Maguire rated it it was amazing Shelves: philosophy. One of the most important and influential philosophers ever in my opinion.

Don't get tangled up in the introduction for too long, once you get into the thick of it, you will need to drink a coffee and then call someone who cares! Big foundational ideas that shaped Western civilization. It's an arcane book but a good workout for the mind.

Ennead, Volume I: Porphyry on the Life of Plotinus. Ennead I

If none of the Greek writing you're familiar with seems convincing or relevant; check out Plotinus. There are some spell-binding passages in this dissertation of his. Plotinus has a sober, dry, matter-of-fact delivery; he al It's an arcane book but a good workout for the mind. Plotinus has a sober, dry, matter-of-fact delivery; he alternates between question-and-answer style and more simple itemization.

The flow of words is tight and dense and blocky. But what emerges even from the passages of near-gibberish is that he is an honest writer and not afraid to admit when his knowledge falls short. But he is at at least writing in the Christian world and so when he talks about 'evil' he treats it with a dimension that the Socratic schools before him, lack; and in their lack, seem remote and unfamiliar to us.

Plotinus uses a large lexicon of opaque terms which are marvelous in showing how ancient schools of philosophy debated about metaphysical topics. You can tell by the way he keeps combing out the same strand of thought time and time again, yet rarely the same way twice and the words themselves are quite plain: one which recurs often is 'Magnitude'. This means little to us today, but concepts like these were crucial to Plotinus, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Anaximander, and all these other joes.

Magnitude, Quantity, Attribute. No end of reliance on these ideas. Plotinus is naturally confronting a wide array of contradictory arguments from thinkers in other Schools and so he darts hummingbird-like, to-and-fro; over many hedges. It gets utterly incomprehensible at times; but that's because he's anatomizing abstract concepts which are meaningful to the other Greeks he was debating with, not to us. Still, his writers show a huge talent and it is enjoyable for this alone. Various topics: how the soul migrate to heaven if at all ; how does the soul arrive in newborns if at all ; do the stars truly affect anything; what is Matter; what is Beauty; what is Mind.

What is the Self; what is Judgment. What is destiny and fate. One thing I admire about this cryptic sage is that he is unafraid to advance his statements. He faces challenges squarely and stoutly. Apr 17, Sancti Tomma rated it liked it Shelves: greek-philosophy.

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Only read some sections. The language is lame, the translation I utilized must've been old. Plotinus provides interesting arguments for a good divine creator, and a metaphysics. I'll get back to this work later on, maybe if I find a better translation with today's language. Mar 07, Katelis Viglas rated it it was amazing Shelves: philosophy , neo-platonism , theology , ancient-greek-literature. The essense of mystic thought of all times. Grandeur of Logos and Ecstasy. This is an abridged edition, for a first contact with Plotinus's masterpiece.

His thought of course isn't accesible easily. One shouldn't have the illusion that reading only one time a translation of the Enneads , in English, will understand the complicated and at the same time simple in its architecture Plotinian system of thought. If someone tries to be absorbed in the text, probably he will be disappointed. If again tri The essense of mystic thought of all times. If again tries to read indirectly, and believes he understands the skeleton of Plotinus's thought, probably he will leave somehow or other with empty hands.

Only with the combination of both, maybe, at the end, will comprehend something of his thought. Jan 02, Blakely rated it liked it. Pro: interesting. Con: if you didn't like Plato's Parmenides, run away fast. View 1 comment. One of the most important of the great world mystics. MacKenna's poetic non-academic translation is an added bonus. I've now read enough interpretations and synopses of Plotinus to be truly appreciative of any writer who can communicate the spirit of Plotinus' life's work.

And MacKenna does just this. I cannot say enough about the importance of this book. This does not refer to John Dillon's abridged version, as I have not read it. Feb 28, Georges E. If there was ever a work that would require a lifetime of reading and rereading it would be "The Enneads". Every passage can become a basis for treatise and many in fact have. I have combined its reading with multiple commentaries on it and some available lectures that try to expound the main ideas and concepts of the work.

Would be going back and forth in this work for many years to come trying to untangle the many levels of meaning and interpretations of core ideas. Jul 23, Patrick Hadley rated it really liked it Shelves: dissertation-stuff. Plotinus imagined himself as Plato's best and most dedicated student. He Casts Plato's philosophy in a new light which, while not always easy to understand, is somehow comforting and interesting to read. I don't like how he codifies what he believes to be THE Platonic philosophy, but I think that, unlike Aristotle, he was at least well-intentioned in doing so.

Jan 25, Aaron Crofut rated it it was ok Shelves: philosophy , did-not-finish , religion. Invoking the Tyler Cowen rule: if it isn't worth the effort, put it down. Too much mysticism for my taste anymore. Oct 29, Red rated it really liked it Shelves: think-pink. Love is all you need, love is all you need at the Butterfly Ball. Dec 31, John Yelverton rated it did not like it. This was an utter diarrhea of words in which the author drones on and on about philosophical concepts with the passion of a bored professor and often the intelligence of an orangutan.

His abuse of syllogism through sophistry is truly painful to read in places. Nov 05, Peter Crouse rated it it was ok Shelves: philosophy. The foundational text of Neo-Platonism and the western mystical tradition. Building on Plato, concepts like transcendence, the emanation of Being and the ascent of the soul are here given a much fuller treatment. The debt to Aristotelian metaphysics and the Stoic idea of Providence is also heavy. While I admit to being drawn at least in part to mystical ideas, I can't help being stupefied by certain fundamental problems that are raised again and again in the course of the treatises which Plotinus The foundational text of Neo-Platonism and the western mystical tradition.

While I admit to being drawn at least in part to mystical ideas, I can't help being stupefied by certain fundamental problems that are raised again and again in the course of the treatises which Plotinus fails to answer in a satisfactory manner. One of the most vexing is the question of the nature of Matter. It would seem to me to be easy to admit a kind of dualism between Good and Evil to reality, much as the Gnostics did, thereby granting actual existence to the latter and explaining why the material universe falls short of perfection.

More important is the question of the transcendental One and how something technically beyond all being, knowledge and ability to be classified can be expounded upon, experienced by the soul and be the source of all reality. A wise course of action would be to draw a veil of Wittgensteinian silence over the entire subject. Initially I was disappointed to have picked up Penguin's abridged edition of the Enneads, but after reading all pages of Mackenna's admittedly eloquent translation I actually wish that they had cut out more.

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The Enneads by Plotinus

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Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. Seller: De Lezenaar. Regarded as the founder of Neo-Platonism, Plotinus AD was the last great philosopher of antiquity, producing 0works that proved in many ways a precursor to Renaissance thought.

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Plotinus was convinced of the existence of a state of supreme perfection and argued powerfully that it was necessa. Lexington, Ky: Forgotten Books, Page; with a foreword by E. Dodds and an introduction by Paul Henry. This reprint of the edition by Faber and Faber is part of the publisher's Classic Reprint Series and contains the first through sixth Enneads. Plotinus c. His lectures and debates were collected and edited by his student Porphyry and published under the title The Enneads.

In Very Good Condition: spine is creased; page edges slightly soiled; otherwise, clean and tight.

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Harvard UP, Volume 2. This book has hardback covers. In good all round condition. Dust Jacket in good condition. Please note the Image in this listing is a stock photo and may not match the covers of the actual item,grams, ISBN Used - Very Good. Great condition for a used book! Minimal wear. Abridged Ed.

Used; Good. Penguin Classics, November As is. Underlining, wear to cover.