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I also just unabashedly love pop-punk. That genre has some of the best hooks and harmonies ever written. Real talk: I hope not. It had its moment and I'm all about moving forward. I do hope there is some kind of pop-punk influenced movement among new styles though. I think we've already seen it in some of the emo rap that's happening and in the heartfelt indie noise club aka the goddess Mitski. And I am here for all of that. Does it feel like you were exploring your own teenage years by making music? Have you always revisited your personal experiences when songwriting?

Yeah it does!

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Making music is the most teen thing you can do. And if you put your heart into, you can't help but write something autobiographical. Even when it ends up abstract, it's still incredibly personal. Talk to us about your spirituality, how did you become interested in witchcraft, tarot and the occult? I grew up Mormon and all that stuff felt taboo as fuck. Very scary.

Very Satan.

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Which is funny because I find that Mormonism is highly mystical and esoteric at its core. Naturally I was highly curious about all of it. Embracing this kind of spirituality feels like I'm embracing a side of myself that always scared me and eventually led me to act out. Now, acknowledging my dark side is highly creative, feminine, and empowering — it anchors me rather than leads me off a cliff.


For the record, I don't really "believe" in anything, though. I believe in metaphors and poetry.

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There seems to be a special kind of femininity in those arenas, is that something that appealed to you? Yes exactly! It's the kind of femininity that scares people, and is likely the origin of why we have a male-dominated world at the moment. Men are scared of it so they try to hide it and smash it down. We saw somewhere that you used to pretend to be a guy to get gigs?

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How did that work out? And then I'll tell everyone about it on the Internet. Incidentally, the last job worked out well. In Depths buy track 4.

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Long Term buy track about Whie our website is under construction, you can use the following link to download the free promotional mp3 version: archive. Contact Cold Tear Records. Streaming and Download help. Dub Vibes Vol. A bandcamp page of one of our main dub techno producers Cold Tear Records. Para Normal Life by Brutalism by Tamsis. One of our techno artists Cold Tear Records. If you like Yernesto - In Too Deep, you may also like:. Zen Flashcards by Ali Khan. Best Ali Khan release so far if you ask me. Every track has a story of its own, but "Moment" and "Inazuma" resonated beautifully in my ears.

Perfect summer music. Pipeline by Tristan Arp. Explore music. Yernesto - In Too Deep by Yernesto. Mikey Weinberg [IAS]. Stefan Robbers.